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SUP JOga Classes in Terceira
Summer 2020

LiquidRoots JOga is more than just exercise. It is a way to connect to nature and our ocean through joining Mind & Body & Spirit. Classes are all levels. Join our Azorean Floating Fitness Studio in Terceira for 5 classes each week in Angra do Heroísmo starting in July 2019.

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LiquidRoots SUP JOga Certification
July 1-7, 2020

We’ve added a second week! Experience a true adventure - floating on the ocean with our signature SUP JOga class and floating fitness studio, sunset yoga on volcanic rock beaches, authentic clean cuisine, eco-beauty, and warmth of the Azorean culture. All skill levels welcome. 

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LiquidRoots SUP Yoga Adventure Retreat
July 15-21, 2020

Join the BodyRoots Azores tribe AUGUST 2019 on our magical native island Terceira, Azores for the real deal experience both on and off the water. The LiquidRoots Adventure Retreat of SUP yoga, volcanic sunset yoga, hikes in the clouds and so much more is unlike anything you’ve given yourself before.


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