Mind. Body. Sweat.

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LiquidRoots™ elevates MIND & BODY to a whole new “Wave” in Fitness.

SUP JOga is a complete workout that takes bodyweight, strength, stretch, core, balance and barefoot training to an entirely new level by adding the challenge of the unpredictability and instability of water. Surrounded by the ebb and flow of the ocean, LiquidRoots Classes are effective for every level of participant. Classes are held in safe, shallow bodies of water on custom BodyRoots™ paddle boards specifically designed for exercise and JOga. 

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BodyRoots™ Floating System

We’ve specifically designed a custom paddle-board system for exercise and JOga in collaboration with Sroka. 

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Returning to her Roots

BodyRoots™ was the first to bring SUP Yoga to the island of Terceira and is proudly returning with the their program for a 4th consecutive year. The program continues to grow with additional retreats being added and sold out classes throughout the summer.


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