Mind. Body. Sweat.


Inside her fully equipped Pilates studio, you will learn the five basic Stott Pilates™ principles which you will soon apply to everything you do. These principles will be taken with you long after your BodyRoots℠ studio workout, improving your wellbeing and healthy lifestyle day to day. Although Pilates is her expertise, JOana incorporates other elements of fitness training in your workout, resulting in a program that is tailored to your needs.

With 13 years experience in the fitness industry, JOana will use her vast knowledge and certifications to create a program designed specifically for you to achieve optimal results, including: breathing techniques, corrective exercises, strength training, TRX, Kettlebells, cardio, training barefoot, dynamic stretches, assisted stretching, as well as referrals to holistic dieticians, cleanse programs and massage therapists, to name a few.

With JOana as your personal coach, you will see and feel the difference in your body fast. Her programs are dedicated to improving overall fitness and she believes that if you can't hold your own bodyweight, who will?

JOana has a no pain all gain approach to fitness and that to be balanced and grounded, one must not fear to REACH! With your own body’s tools you will build your posture and attain your goal. Prepare to meet your BodyRoots.





Many of us have forgotten that we live on an island. It is time to shake off fear. Wave away the city stress. Push the reset button and find the peace that surrounds the city that never sleeps. Nature. From Soil to Water. Time to tap in. Reconnect and remember that to be human is to connect to nature, each other and our oceans. Yes, the Hudson is that moving ocean at your toe tips. Prepare to meet your practice.

Research shows the sound of waves alter wave patterns in the brain which rock us into a deeply relaxed state. Rejuvenate the mind and body and let the energtics of the ocean naturally radiate deep within you. Here is your chance to polish your spirit, elevate your practice and float your soul into your very own ability to flow. Whether you have never been on a board, never done yoga or have a regular yoga practice, all that is required is a love for the water and the belief that you are one of the drops that make up our ocean.

Join JOana of BodyRoots for her Liquid Roots SUP Yoga class at Manhattan Kayak Company and let the ocean be your yoga mat.



• Private Sessions
Single: $150/session | 10 pack: $135/session | 20 pack: $130/session

New Client Introductory Package – 3 Full Private Sessions: $225 (50% off) 

• Semi-Private Sessions
Single: $75 each | 12 pack: $65 | 24 pack: $60

All sessions booked guarantee you the full private use of the entire BodyRoots studio and are a full hour long. Group class rates available upon request. Your Body. Your Roots.


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