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LiquidRoots℠ JOga Retreat by BodyRoots℠

This summer I am thrilled to return to my island roots to host my 4th Annual SUP JOga Retreat in Terceira Island, Azores! 

Prepare to find yourself in the magical lost world of Atlantis. The Azores island archipelago is drop center of the Atlantic ocean off of Portugal and a raw, natural, volcanic Atlantis where the ocean meets the sky.

Your adventure will be lead by our Azorean born native New Yorker and the BodyRoots NYC and BodyRoots Azores founder, JOana Meneses. Combining the best of her european upbringing and 18 year international movement professional skills, JO will have you connecting your Mind & Body to the flow of the ocean and the undeniable energy of the island’s volcanic rock from head to toe to soul.

You decide how your days go down. From daily classes, hikes to the clouds, fresh traditional Azorean cuisine, to plenty of downtime in and around our 4-Star infinity pool/beach front accommodations located in the center of one of UNESCO’s world classified sites, Angra do Heroismo.

2019 LiquidRoots Retreat - August 7-13
Early bird Pricing Coming Soon!

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Retreat Testimonials

"What an amazing experience BodyRoots Azores was. I am relatively new at yoga so I thought this would be a wonderful challenge to try SUP Yoga for the first time. Well everything about this trip was a first. It was a wonderfully organized trip. It was part yoga retreat, met the most magnificent island in the Atlantic and then sprinkled in a little culture and culinary exploration. It was the perfect trip for all ages. I am 50+ and never felt that I was on the wrong trip even though everybody was a bit younger and more experienced than me. BodyRoots was able to adjust for each persons level, which is rare. Everybody was challenged and everybody came home in great shape and full of appreciation for an island nobody has ever heard of." – C.R.

"This trip was a great opportunity to discover and explore not just a new country but also myself. It held many beautiful firsts for me.  My first time in the Azores, Portugal, my first yoga retreat and the first time I traveled for myself. The week gave me many different aspects in connecting to both mind/body and nature. The twice-daily workouts with SUP yoga on the ocean and sunset mat yoga surrounded by postcard perfect views, helped me deepen my practice in the arm's of this island paradise.  Other than the high regard that JOana had shared with me over the years and her adoration for her island roots, I did not know anything about the Azores.  I found it to be a hidden diamond in the rough.  It was a really interesting place built on tradition, sincere hospitality and beautiful volcanic landscapes!” - C.F.

Some experiences in life are hard to put into words. You feel them. You experience them. They become a part of you. This was the 2016 Azores SUP JOga Retreat for me.

I had no idea what to expect from a retreat like this as it was my first of its kind. I was also coming off ankle surgery and wasn’t sure how much I would be able to do. My fears were unfounded, as JOana worked with me to make sure that I modified anything the group was doing to suit my bodies needs and not slow down the group. She is a master at this!

Everything from the pickup at the airport to the incredible team she assembled in Terceira was first class. Our hotel was fantastic and the location was paradise. I’ve traveled quite a bit and have to say the culture and people of Terceira were some the most friendly and welcoming. 

Starting each day with poolside meditation introduced me to the benefits of meditation outside of my yoga practice, and having a consistent week of this helped me bring it back to NYC. Morning SUP JOga on the boards at a different beach (or hotel pool) was spectacular! We got to see more of this stunning island, challenge our SUP practice on the water and learn with hands-on personal attention from JO. There truly is nothing like doing yoga on the Atlantic Ocean and connecting to the pulse of nature! I had no idea how much I would love SUP yoga but JO’s teachings and philosophy on the board was perfect for me.

JO made sure we all had choice in what we wanted to do with our free time so that each day was at our pace. After SUP JOga we would venture to beach, each new one seemingly more gorgeous then the last! Rest, sun and fun was the perfect compliment to morning JOga and to get ready for sunset yoga at another incredible locale. Sunset yoga was very special. I will never forget those practices and how they connected me to body and mind.

Every night we dined at a different local restaurant after sunset yoga. It was a new adventure each night with delicious meals and lots of laughs. I could write a book on the food alone! 

I reluctantly came home but completely refreshed, renewed and ready to go back! I’ve already booked my spot for JO’s 2017 retreat and I truly cannot wait. Thank you JO!! xo – K.H.

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